Defense of Houston in Media

Defense of Houston Web Site Named a “Best Practice in Public Health”by U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Assistant Secretary for Health
'To-do' list for 'can-do' Houston to better deal with terrorism

Houston Chronicle, September 6th.

Houston Leaders to show Ridge anti-bioterrorism plan

Houston Chronicle, February 22.

Widespread Testing Could Overwhelm Laboratories

LA Times, October 23.

Houstonians Form Defense Team Against Terrorism

Channel 2, Houston

Houston region now must consider its civil defense anew

Houston Chronicle, September 23.

Is  the medical community  prepared for terrorism?

Ward Casscells, MD, September 20.

It's not Houston vs. New York

Brenda Black, Houston Chronicle, September 19.

City disaster plan works

Lee Brown, Houston Chronicle, September 19.

Houston still isn't adequately prepared for worst

Ward Casscells, MD, Houston Chronicle, September 18.

Preparing for the worst: Physician readiness to respond during disaster

Kent Cavender, American medical News,  Feb. 5.

Defense of Houston was made possible by the Disaster Relief and Emergency Services (DREAMS) program of the US Army based at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston and Texas A & M University (DoD grant no.DAMD17-98-1-8002). DREAMS physicians and scientists acknowledge with gratitude the vision, leadership, and advice of Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, and Congressmen Tom DeLay, Ken Bentsen, Henry Bonilla, and Kevin Brady.